UMBIGO at Drawing Room Lisbon 2019

Drawing Room has returned to Lisbon for a new edition at Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes.

The 2019 programme includes 14 Portuguese galleries dedicated to contemporary design, with artists such as Pedro Barateiro, Helena Almeida, Júlio Pomar, Cristina Lamas, Lourdes de Castro, Ana Jotta, Luísa Cunha, Pedro Cabrita Reis, among others. There are also international galleries from Spain, Mozambique, Japan, Colombia and Brazil.

The artistic scene of Buenos Aires will also be present, with five galleries commissioned by Deborah Reda. Programa Europa – Convidados Internacionais is also important, which, with the support of Fundação EDP, aims to create a network of collectors and museum directors devoted to design.

As in the previous year, Prémio Novo Talento Desenho – Drawing Room Lisboa & Viarco will be awarded,which includes an artistic residence at the Viarco Factory in São João da Madeira. In 2018, the winner was the Spanish artist Irene González.

UMBIGO will be present at the inauguration of the fair, on the 9th, where issue #70 will be released around 7:30 pm. The new edition of Umbigo includes several important dossiers and contributions, particularly a photography dossier curated by Sandra Vieira Jürgens and works by Délio Jasse, João Penalva, Luiza Baldan and Sara Morgado Santos; the photography Art Project by António Júlio Duarte; a dossier of San Francisco art scene, with a text by Renny Pritikin, former curator of The Jewish Museum and the Yerba Buena; the drawing project by Mariana Gomes; and the Dialogue between Museu do Dinheiro and Fábio Colaço.

Unmissable, Drawing Room, October 9-13, at Sociedade Nacional das Belas Artes.

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