A building in Braga

The photos document an ancient building at the best known, historical street of Braga, between the city centre and the Theatro Circo. Situated at Avenida da Liberdade, this is a space filled with stories and histories to be to be told.

On the ground floor, an ancient, well-known grocery shop. (It seems they still sell fruits and other things there; it seems we’re still able to feel all that energy, all that noise, all those people buying kilos and metres of stuff there…)

Above it, a club filled with patterns which replenish our soul with emotions. Those may still be there and we may actually feel them all around the space…

Along the stairs, we hear the crackling noises of old wood failing. Because of the humidity, the doors crackle even more. The stairs have a spiral-shaped form, and the tiles’ patterns are unique and rather special, bursting with delicate drawings.

It’s all very touching for me, as a photography lover, to remember these places and to share my message on them. I so hope you may feel the same I once felt there.

Abel is a 31 years old photojournalist. He studied graphic design and photography, developing a passion for the last one. Over the past three years he has visited several countries – Thailand, Laos, India, Morocco, Hungary, France, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia among others – where he went to shoot for his project entitled Love Hand Light Photography.

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