Theatro Circo

Full of stories and colours, this Theatre Circus makes us want to enter in a unique, surreal and burlesque environment. The breath-taking façade, with a mixture of toughness and seduction, is a fine line between elegance and roughness. The outcome is a charming and rather graceful atmosphere, full of architectural details, and bursting with magic. We don’t get to see clowns here, but we may see lots of art, culture and beauty.

The triumphal entrance overwhelms with its overlaying textures and patterns. The lights and shapes make us travel in time along decades. This place got stuck in those Roaring Twenties. But once we’re there with nobody, just a few workers, the place becomes immense, robust and vivid.

When we start rambling through the long, thin corridors, with few lights entering, but packed with history, we finally arrive in to the stage, a stage which appears overcrowded with those souls who once performed there.

And in that stage stories are told, voices are listened to, shows are stage and, of course, lots of legs are broken.

These are our theatres.

Abel is a 31 years old photojournalist. He studied graphic design and photography, developing a passion for the last one. Over the past three years he has visited several countries – Thailand, Laos, India, Morocco, Hungary, France, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia among others – where he went to shoot for his project entitled Love Hand Light Photography.

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