On recurrences, by Ana Guedes

The family heirloom is the witness of an individual’s cultural education. Book, disks, photos, papers, homes are sediments of that homunculus monument called personal and individual identity, made of memories, teachings and learnings.

On recurrences, by Ana Guedes, meets these ideas e takes shape from a rather specific and peculiar object: the book Nausea, by the existentialist writer and philosopher Sartre, belonging to a private collection of the artist’s father. Both sign and meaning, object and text, the book gathers beyond its content a personal memory of Ana Guedes’ family.

According to the curator, Joana Valsassina, “Exploring and digesting these fragments of history and memory becomes a way to reflect on the personal, social, and natural ramifications of established power structures” and, for that effect, the artists works on sculpture and sound to mediate and meditate on those personal and political references.

Until 13 June, at Kunstraum Botschaft / Instituto Camões Berlim, Berlin, in a partnership between MAAT, Instituto Camões Berlim and the Portuguese Embassy.

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