Take Ten, by Hugo Brazão

The Las Palmas Project has probably been one of the spaces that has mostly welcomed some of the boldest exhibitions and projects in Lisbon, not only for the artists it has exhibited but also for the spatial and architectural characteristics of the space. The easily recognizable pink walls are part of the project’s identity and imagery.

In Take Ten, Hugo Brazão picks this visual identity of Las Palmas in an appropriative effort and integrates it in his work. By recurring to the psychology of colour, Brazão explores the hidden properties of pigments in a rather radical plasticity which isn’t stuck to a single medium or expression. From painting, to sculpture, to textiles, the artist sounds the materiality of colour, its animal, vegetable and mineral origins and what’s left, afterwards, of lenitive or soothing. In fact, the juvenile, almost childish and innocent, gestures of the forms portray a preformatted state of absolute liberty and uncompromised – a first, needful stage for a hypothetical therapeutic.

In this sense, and as the exhibition text asks, “it is in this subversion of objects, parody and of a fountain with a potential calming effect, that we can ask: do we have ten minutes?”

Take Ten, by Hugo Brazão, at the Las Palmas Project until 21 February.

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