First edition of Drawing Room Lisbon

Drawing is becoming more attractive for nowadays’ collectors. The renewed interest in this practice shows a transversality common to other art subjects and media, but also entails the affirmation of an autonomy: contemporary drawing is not inferior, nor does it depend exclusively on the translation into other media to totally express itself or fulfil its mission.

That is the vision of collectors, artists and gallery owners, and also of the Drawing Room – a contemporary art fair essentially focused on drawing and that, this year, travels from Madrid to Lisbon for its first edition.

Fifty artists have been selected by a specialised jury; there will be a parallel program that includes a drawing exhibition of the Contemporary Art Collection of PT-Altice Foundation; talks concerning collecting in this area; as well as several individual projects that bet in the reinvention of drawing.

This way, and after the success in Madrid, Drawing Room Lisbon promotes a new stir in the Portuguese art scene, with special focus on the award of an artistic residence by the Fábrica Portuguesa de Lápis Viarco.

From October 10th to 14th at Sociedade Nacional de Belas-Artes.

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