Não é ainda o mar, in Gaia

Não é ainda o mar is a polynucleated exhibition with a well-designed pathway along the city and Gaia. Through this concept, Óscar Faria establishes the curatorship not only of the exhibition itself, but also of the city, picking the places whose memory and spatiality add to the founding premise attached to the dialogue between the city, the river and the sea, and the human activities that came from it.

In 16 nuclei, with a long list of participating artists with rather heterogenous practices, the history of a region devoted to maritime and piscatorial activities and traditions is presented to the visitors, with the Corpus Christi Abbey as the main nucleus, presenting the works of well-known Portuguese artists (Francisco Tropa, Pedro Calapez, Isabel Carvalho, etc.).

Until 11 November, in Vila Nova de Gaia. More information and the complete list of places and artists here.

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