Festival Exquisito, from 13 to 15 September

The festival Exquisito was organised by the Gerador platform and is opening tomorrow. It will be three days of activities devoted to music, performance and visual arts, with several exhibitions happening throughout Telheiras district.

We highlight the four proposals merged with general theme of the festival, Depois das certezas absolutas [After absolute certainties], with works by Carolina Pimenta, Clara Imbert, Francisco Pinheiro + Paulo Morais, and Tomaz Hipólito.

We also suggest the exhibition Incertezas absolutas nas artes visuais [Absolute uncertainties on visual arts], with a heterogeneous show of works by the Portuguese artists Bárbara Bulhão, Diogo Bolota, ABCC (Alexandre Camarao + Bernardo Simões Correia), João Viotti, Xana Sousa, Mariana Dias Coutinho and David Oliveira.

Don’t miss it, from 13 to 15 September. Check the full schedule and program here.

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