The Moor Legend, in Chaves

Legend says a female moor lives and resists at the old Roman bridge of Chaves because she got stuck in this place after the Moorish invasions.

With the main purpose of re-enacting this old tale, we gathered a multifaceted team of scenographers, photographers, choreographers and designers, in a total of 30 people.

During the two weeks at Chaves working everything out, we organized paper-mask production and representation workshops, which facilitated a closer interaction with the local society, to the point of managing to include youngsters, children and adults in the final show, in what may be considered a common, admirable effort.

The audience featured about 10 000 people, at the margins of the river, where, besides theatre, music and circus, there was space for a video mapping project at the Roman bridge.

It is important to stress that this would be impossible without the support of the Grandpa’s Lab, aka the “old fellas”.

Abel is a 31 years old photojournalist. He studied graphic design and photography, developing a passion for the last one. Over the past three years he has visited several countries – Thailand, Laos, India, Morocco, Hungary, France, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia among others – where he went to shoot for his project entitled Love Hand Light Photography.

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