Two exhibitions at Gallery Belo-Galsterer

Bauhaus has greatly contributed for the regeneration of modern visual expressions, in what it has translated – even though its pronounced tendency towards graphics and design –, in contamination, into the plastic arts. The study of forms, the perception of them, the drawing and graphic translation of objects – the so-called Gestalt – were influences to movements, styles and contemporary artist of the school and others that came afterwards.

Pedro Quintas goes back to the geometric and abstract languages promoted by Bauhaus and conceives a number of works for his first individual exhibition in Gallery Belo-Galsterer with the title Ama as tuas Rosas [Love your Roses]. The paintings recover the formalism of the geometric abstraction, of bi-dimensionality, of forms that unfold into words, as if we’re witnessing a game – visual charades in need of decoding.

Sideways, the gallery is also hosting the exhibition E… [And…] by Alexandre Conefrey. A jubilant exercise of colour and experimentation that uses the pencil to represent imagined places. The strokes transform into smudges, in what appears to be a colourful exploration and investigation of the plastic limits of a material as modest as the coloured pencil. Between painting and drawing, Conefrey offers a surprising set of works.

Until 31 July, at Galeria Belo-Galsterer.

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