Exposição 289, an artistic manifestation

An artistic manifestation, in the strict sense of the term, requires many names; many voices. It requires diversity and multiplicity; number and gender; and, above all, a variety of expressions, techniques and means used by those names, voices, artists. The unambiguous or convergent overtone of the discourse is irrelevant. What matters is the resulting energy of that reunion.

Exposição 289 is a Pedro Cabrita Reis’ project that precisely provides this artistic manifestation, with authors of several generations, some invited by him, others invited by the guests. Viral, contaminant, the exhibition creates an encounter and a discussion, but also the silence inherent to some studies. In accordance with the expository text, of João Pinharanda, “in no case there is an intention to draw conclusions; each voice (each author) should remain adamant in their own territory – that’s the only way they can be productive for themselves, for the other artists and for the public.”

After the British Bar project, Cabrita Reis once again uses his aggregating impetus, joining friends and strangers in favour of art and nothing more than art. This is, after all, a typical trait of the artist and his generosity, often indissociable of his work.

To see, from 14 July to 15 September, at Associação 289, in Faro.

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