Teaching how to see through art. Discipline of Seeing, by Paula Clerman

Casa Pau-Brasil welcomes the exhibition Disciplina de Ver [Discipline of Seeing], by Paula Clerman and curated by Thiago Verardi.

Clerman works the space and time, specifically the space that have been relinquished to time. Alternatively, she works the architecture of spaces in their lonely or eager dimensions, spaces that are waiting to be fulfilled, waiting to have a new role. Relying on photography and words, but also on the standardized and mathematical games of tiles, the artist reflects on the several dimensions of space, simultaneously extending it beyond the discipline of architecture, giving them other philosophical, literary or pictorial connotations.

But above all, and as the title implies, it teaches one to see, to see beyond the material evidence, leading the gaze between matter, shadow, light, colour and – a fancy word in many architects’ lexicon – the atmosphere. In the curator’s words, “the gaze’s indoctrination is an experience that wants to promote a break, soon interrupted by another discovery: evident but potentially mutable”.

Disciplina do Ver opens on July 11 (from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.) and ends on August 15.

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