Remain Alert and Have a Safe Day

The subway stations of big cities are the biggest and most authentic anthropological, sociological and performative laboratories of modernity. Places of passage, places of diverse fluxes, the subway synthetises the urban experience in what it has of solitary, aggregative, frenetic, delirious and ambiguous. (Even its nomenclature or designation: place or space, non-place or non-space – what should one choose?)

Remain Alert and Have a Safe Day is an exhibition which tries to investigate the dynamics of New York’s subway stations, calling upon the deconstructing and phenomenological gaze of contemporary arts that overlays, juxtaposes, criticizes, invents and re-contextualizes the aforementioned themes. Inscribed within the curatorial text of Joana Valsassina and Erica Petrillo, the artists Gabriela Salazar, Jennifer May Reiland, Johann Diedrick and Liene Bosquê also see in these great platforms crossing tendencies with the most recalled issues of contemporaneity: migrations, security, the local and the global, the foreigner, the estrangement of the world and self-identities ans the sense of belonging.

Remain Alert and Have a Safe Day is hosted at Local Project Art Space, in New York, until next 30 june. Address: 11-27 44th Rd, Long Island City, NY.

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