New cultural events in Évora

Let us forget the centralism of Lisbon or Porto. Let us forget the recurrent idea that Portugal is a mere coast line. Let us remember of other centres, other programs, other communities. Let us remember of other institutions, art museums, art events that are displayed beyond the usual CCB, Serralves, MAAT, etc. Let’s decentralize, then.

Évora is welcoming one of the most ambitious programs regarding music, visual arts and performative arts. The Festival Evora Africa gathers a number of African musicians and condenses a whole, immense culture in a city in the middle of Portugal – an attempt to show an eccentric cosmopolitanism. Throughout 3 months, from 25 May to 25 August, 30 contemporary artists will celebrate the intercultural exchanges between Portugal and several African countries, while reviewing the some of the most relevant historical premises between two continents, more or less explicit, more or less combative, more or less implicit. (Full program here.)

We remember also the program established by Fundação Eugénio de Almeida that, until 1 July, is hosting the exhibition WHA! (We Are Here), with works of 20 female artists crossing all of the expression and investigation fields of contemporary art – from bio art, to installation, video art, photography… And also the International Festival of Performative Arts, Lá Fora, going from 7 to 10 June, in the some of the plazas and public spaces of Évora.

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