Manuel Casimiro at Espaço Camões of Livraria Sá da Costa

Manuel Casimiro is a Portuguese artist with a long career divided between painting, sculpture and photography, through which has developed a rather specific language – the so-called casimirian eggs.

Working the theme of image appropriation in an era – as Walter Benjamin thoroughly argued – of mechanical reproduction, Casimiro uses the existing images to create in them others. Old photographs are overlapped with paintings of well-defined shapes that veil and, through this path, reveal new understandings, meanings and significations.

On 10 May a new exhibition curated by António Cerveira Pinto and produced by Ocupart, at Espaço Camões of Livraria Sá da Costa, will host a number of new works which may as well be considered a synthesis of his repertoire. In Estruturas, Índices e Protótipos [Structures, Indexes and Prototypes], photos, reproductions of ancient paintings, books, are usurped of its initial condition to receive colourful eggs placed in strategic places.

Furthermore, an artist book will be launched – a medium that fits well with the above mentioned practice – with the presence of Casimiro and the author of the text, Jonathan Lahey Dronsfield.

Unmissable, until 30 May.

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