Pichi&Avo at Underdogs

Underdogs has paved the ground to become the most important platform in Lisbon to exhibit transdisciplinary works that have in common the urban visuals. Art, architecture, urbanism and society are merged in one single expression as a means to investigate, mention, quote or show the modern complexity and the visual culture of big cities and metropolis.

The Spanish collective Pichi&Avo shares the same language and passion for urban aesthetics, but added a new dimension: Heritage, Memory. The body of work of these artists brings the classical purity of sculptures and Greek and Roman mythologies into the present of the anonymous and the visual corruption. The paintings suggest an update and the disclosure of a confluence and overlapping of styles, movements and expressions typical of contemporaneity.

In this context, the exhibition Versus is a palimpsest of urban creativity. In the words of Fran Picazo, author of the show’s text, the works “converse in the same space, which is divided into two distinct itineraries yet at the same time connected by a central installation that represents, in both material and spiritual terms, the fallen column of the Temple of Zeus, in Athens, and which shows the greatest of virtues, freedom”.

Until 9 May, at Underdogs, Lisbon. The artists will also produce a mural with location yet to be disclosed.

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