Appleton Square X+1

In Portugal, given the chronic insufficiency of budget in culture, it’s always important to congratulate the resilience of many projects to adapt and fight to perpetuate their mission. Ten living years, plus one, of an independent platform is a lot of time and attests the capacity of its directors, programmers and workers to operate.

Appleton Square celebrates 11 years of existence and takes the chance to rethink its strategy through the history that has paved, the encounters that has promoted, the artists the has exhibited, the changes that has fought for. As the founder and director Vera Appleton says, “any model, no matter how dynamic and effective it is, always takes the risk of being depleted. Ten years is enough time for the necessity of change to come almost daily”.

In September, Appleton loses its Square and adopts a new format and configuration, maintaining, though, its initial strategy of being a non-lucrative project. But these changes aren’t solely formal or symbolic. Two autonomous lines of programs have been created: the Appleton Square, in the upper level of the space, and the Appleton Box, in the lower one. The first continues the mission of disclosing contemporary arts with fewer exhibitions in longer periods of time; the second, transdisciplinary, hybrid, innovative regarding the tradition of the previous format, includes performances, music, theatre, dance, multimedia and cinema, all coordinated through a plan of national and international residencies.

The celebration of the 11 years comes also with a conversation moderated by Filipa Oliveira, with the guests Rui Horta, Julião Sarmento and Vera Appleton, followed by a presentation of the book Appleton Square X+1 which sums up all of the activities developed so far.

On 19 April, at 10pm, everyone is invited and has free entrance to take part is this discussion about contemporary arts and culture.

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