Artifício Visceral, by Jack Mugler, at Casa Pau-Brasil

Artifício Visceral [Visceral Artifice] is the newest exhibition by Jack Mugler which will open at Casa Pau-Brasil next 28 March, with a curatorship divided between Thiago Verardi, Cristiana Tejo and Marilá Dardot.

In this show, the artist structures his works around the hyper saturation of our current times. In fact, the technique itself – the assemblage – alludes to the omnipresence of images in magazines, newspapers, billboards, etc., created and promoted by modernity. Only clipping and selection will give any sense to this uncontrollable torrent of images.

But if it’s true that mediatized image is a reflection of modernity, it is also true that capitalism has been the motor and catalyst of both.

Jack Mugler articulates all these realities and discourses and conceives a series of dense pieces in clippings, assemblages, and overlaps, “suggesting subtle phallic forms”, applied on mirrors which are simultaneously passive and active supports. The confrontation of the self-image with the multiple glued images force this frame of work within a consumerism made in our image, for us, feed by our artificial, hedonistic desires.

Artifício Visceral, by Jack Mugler, opens on 28 March with a performance-happening, at Casa Pau-Brasil.

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