Tremor Festival 2018

The Tremor festival returns to the island of São Miguel, between 20 and 24 March.

This 5th edition has a wide program, which includes more than 40 music shows, approximately 10 artistic residencies, cycles of talks conducted by The Creative Independent platform, and several parallel activities, which will turn the island of São Miguel into the epicentre of an experience that, based on the music, defies visitors and local inhabitants to discover some of the most recent creative trends, through a direct and close relation with the community and the territory.

Once more, Tremor stands out due to its diversity of musical rhythms, and approaches proposals ranging from hip hop to psychedelic rock, and also cumbia, afrobeat, punk and unleashed experimental electronics.

Mykki Blanco, Liima, Boogarins, Lone Taxidermist, Sheer Mag, Ermo, Dead Combo, Mdou Moctar, Três Tristes Tigres or Paisiel are some of the names that will stir the island for 5 days.

Regarding the residences, here are our highlights: O Lugar da Paisagem, by Renato Cruz Santos and Duarte Ferreira: a work-in-progress at the festival whose intent is to portray the experience that the Tremor wants to achieve. The target is to comprehend, from an external perspective, how the festival impacts the island, its inhabitants and visitors who are in São Miguel during this period. It will also take a look at the spaces that were unveiled over time and the new routes that they will bring to the table. O Narcisismo das Pequenas Diferenças, by Pauliana Valente Pimentel, at Galeria Fonseca Macedo, is a photographic exhibition that depicts her collaborative work with some local institutions, where she had the goal to conduct a deeply accurate portrait of the youth that dwells in the island, uncovering new forms of identity, definitions of freedom and identification.

We also have to mention Aisha Devi and Emile Barret, who will produce a unique show with scenography and light design, specifically conceived to be presented in this space.

Tremor allows itself to be surrounded, since the first edition, by bucolic, mysterious, sometimes sublime landscapes of the Azores, in which art and music coexist in perfect harmony with nature, giving rise to the exaltation of the rural, countryside and pure world.

This is the scenario where two of the most interesting activities of the festival take place, which are already a trademark of the event: Tremor na Estufa and Tremor-todo-o-terreno. The first challenges artists of the festival to perform in unexpected, unique and secluded places, with limited capacity, in which the audience is invited to embark on a surprise journey and discover new music and natural places of the island of S. Miguel.

The second is the creation of a musical composition endeavour that has a close relationship with a route through the island’s natural heritage, providing a unique experience designed by a guest artist.

Both activities create a dialog with the island’s landscape, revealing new spaces, the cultural and natural heritage of S. Miguel, while, at the same time, promoting and raising awareness for the importance of its preservation.

This is why Tremor is not only a festival, rather a set of multisensorial experiences that one cannot be missed for anything.

Tremor is a co-production of Lovers & Lollypops, Yuzin and António Pedro Lopes.

Tickets are on sale in the usual spots for 35 euros.

Not to be missed: Tremor 2018, 20 to 23 March, on the island of São Miguel and, on the 24, in Ponta Delgada, Azores.


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