Premiere “The Head”

This week the part 2 of the tetralogy “Ç4” is here. The Head comes as another preview of the fourth number of CABEÇA magazine.


Director: Gonçalo Fonseca
Treatment: Simão Boucherie Mendes
Production: Simão Boucherie Mendes & Martim Alvarez
DOP: Cecília Oliveira
1st AD: Mariana Reis
Make-up: Simão Boucherie Mendes
Music: KEROX
Edit: Simão Boucherie Mendes

Leonor Carmo
Pedro Batalha
Rita Caetano
Simão Boucherie Mendes

Special Thanks:
Inês Sousa

CABEÇA is a collective art project with the purpose to emancipate and give voice to young talent. CABEÇA can be seen as a Magazine (physical/digital), Instagram, Tumblr, such as other platforms. As a team what we want is to give new value + attention to the new generation of artists out there. Any young artist is important because they represent the future for art and we want to give them a voice.

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