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The number of footwear brands conceived and made in Portugal and by Portuguese people is only increasing. Every year, breaking news invade newspapers, magazines, Internet, TV and radio, reporting on the footwear industry’s success. We are sought by our design; we are sought by our technology; we are sought by the materials we use; we are sought by our manufacture; we are sought by our ideas; we are sought by our commitment to meet the customer’s needs. The foreign name of many brands forces, on many occasions, the internal market to not recognize the product as national, however, its consumption increases both inside and outside the country. The recognition may be slow, but always arrives on time and at the right time!


Cloud Footwear

The name takes us to the world of technology which is the world in which we live in today. And why ‘Cloud’? When we put on display a product that gives us a sense of lightness, coziness, comfort, then there is nothing like having a name that reflects that same imaginary. In 2012, Cloud, women footwear, reached the market, a brand that puts its stakes on design, trends, but whose focus is on the reassuring capabilities that the product offers to those who wear it. The manufacture is under the responsibility of the company Jóia Calçado SA, a family factory founded in 1973, located in Felgueiras, near the city of Oporto. Cloud’s philosophy is simple and effective: “Enjoy every step!”, a motto that takes us to the greatest of desires: wear shoes that provide comfort and well-being without neglecting the taste for aesthetics. The brand is available on the website:

Mazoni Shoes

Fernando Sampaio founded, in the early 90s (1993), the brand Mazoni, targeting the middle/high-end male segment. Located in Felgueiras, this family business has grown steadily over 25 years, combining the knowledge of generations that have dedicated their body and soul to the best that can be achieved in this sector. The recognition showed by demanding international customers is justified by their perennial hard work, evidenced by a daily production of 800 pairs, exporting 95% of production to more than 20 countries. The bet on the quality of the materials, on the quest for the best practices, on the choice of the right design, empowers the brand to achieve a more prominent spot, which is reflected in a growing volume of business. The brand’s philosophy also takes into account the factor of comfort and convenience, requirements of a target that knows what they want to wear in their daily lives. For more information, check the site:

Men’s Devotion

When we access the website of the company Mata, responsible for the brand Men’s Devotion, we notice that it is the right place for those who are fond of shoes. Founded in 1988, the ‘core business’ is openly focused on the male segment, targeting a medium/high tier class. Currently producing about 700 pairs per day, the factory has 80 employees, cognizant of the most valuable secrets about the production of a shoe that deserves to be worn by the feet of cosmopolitan men. In the origin of the goals of the Men’s Devotion is the ‘savoir faire’ acquired over decades and decades of commitment and dedication, respecting the basic functionality of a shoe, inspired by the sector’s latest trends. Yet, the brand does not forget that, in order to draw customers, it must offer the best product at the best price, two essential components to the dynamics of today’s success. For more information, check the site:

Softwaves Shoes

Ladies, this brand was conceived having you in mind! Softwaves Shoes belongs to the company Comforsyst SA, skilled in comfortable products that enhance the “Made In” Portugal fashion. Light, flexible, pliable, easily adaptable, Softwaves footwear can also massage the feet throughout the day, providing a relaxing sensation, since the function of each pair of shoes aims to create adaptability and ergonomics, essential for those who have to walk back and forth throughout the day. Some of the models produced have a sole that is slightly raised in the heel, a mini wedge, providing comfort both for the feet and the spine. Without heels excessively high, the brand offers suggestions for women with more urban lifestyles and women with more classical styles. For more information, check the site:

Relance Very Me

Relance Calçado was born in 2004, located in Santa Maria da Feira. The dream of three partners soon started to reach the much-wanted results, being able to increase, in just a three-year span, an exportation hallmark of around 50%. In 2009, upon the achieved success, Relance Very Me was born, focused on getting notoriety in the sector, due to its bet on the product’s quality, as well as in the design of each model. Each model of the brand respects the ergonomic design of the foot that will wear it, abiding by the divorced styles which dominate fashion. From the low boot to the ‘brogue’, the choice of the leather and the details are carefully thought and rendered. Relance Very Me presents several suggestions: ‘Shade’, ‘Bolonha’, ‘Charme’, ‘Hector’, ‘Broom’ or ‘Sure’, whose inspiration comes from the most emblematic models in the history of footwear. For more information, check the site:

Valuni Shoes

Details make all the difference! The customer dictates the brand’s business, targeting the male segment. A brand whose intent is to stand out among the rest has to know the tastes and needs of its consumers, something that Valuni Shoes regards as a goal. Headquartered in Arrifana (Santa Maria da Feira), the brand is part of the company Eurodavil – Indústria do calçado Lda., putting its emphasis on the design and the choice of raw materials, while having the concern to always find the right solution to provide the market of footwear with the sophistication of the high-end segment. The recognition already achieved stresses the dedication of companies like the one that holds Valuni, under a permanent demand for more and better, favoring the dedication of a sector that grows every year and can compete with the best in the world, and some of the world’s best are Portuguese. For more information, check the site:

Degree in Journalism. PhD in Fashion Design, UBI, Covilhã. Journalist specialising in fashion. Interviewed some of the best national and international fashion designers. Trainer and teacher in the area of communication / journalism / image consulting / luxury. Collaborate with national and international publications.

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