Planos de Luz, by Fernanda Fehér, at Casa Pau-Brasil

After Andrea Rocco and Maísa Champalimaud, Casa Pau-Brasil is bringing a new exhibition by the artist Fernanda Fehér and the curator Thiago Verardi. Thus, this space is slowly building a historic of exhibitions which adds more stamina to the culture coming from Brazil.

Planos de Luz [Bords of Light], the title of the aforementioned show, recalls an emulation of foreign experiences, in a long gone past, of generations that greatly preceded our own. In this context, Fernanda Fehér builds of the photographic, black-and-white memories of her grandmother to activate them through the use of color and painting. By working the memories of those who came before her, Fehér embarks on a spiritual, biographical and metaphysical quest. As the curator argues, the artist “explores themes in paintings related to several metaphysical, energetic plans and symbols”.

Planos de Luz opens on 20 February, at Casa Pau-Brasil, ending on 20 March.

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