London Update #2

Now that more time has passed since my arrival, I have made some different opinions regarding this type of lifestyle.

The best word that have to describe my overall stay would be lonely – not in a bad way. The word lonely has gained a new definition in my dictionary. Weirdly enough, I’ve noticed that is alone that I find myself.

In terms of university, it’s getting better. I feel closer to my colleagues. The teaching system is still way different from the Portuguese one. Although I’ve never had a bad experience with the overall system, I feel that here the teachers and lecturers want every student to succeed and feel comfortable in class and with their projects. It’s a great feeling here in the world of artists, where we spend all nights and days looking for approval and never are 100% satisfied with what we have.

The visits we get are also great. Friends from Portugal that wanna see the city and get an opportunity to be with me. And with this I get a chance to leave my room and re visit London and discover places that I didn’t even knew exist. The other day I went to the movies with a friend of mine and wow – the seats were excellent; you could eat whatever you’d desire from popcorn to an entire pizza; and they even had alcohol – and all of this for an accessible price for a cinema in the middle of London.

The photos are a bit old, from last year. But it was my first time playing with my Leica so I thought I would share them.

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