Dripping, by Marta Sampaio Soares, at A Montanha

The elaboration of a work of art or a project obeys to a frequently forlorn choreography. The hands move, the body goes back and forward, legs are flexed, the head tilts and gestures are repeated. In fact, it’s repetition the most common performative compass at the studio.

Dripping, by Marta Sampaio Soares, is a performance that discloses this continuous repetition. As is mentioned in the presentation text: “The body that repeats the gesture to exhaustion gives shape to another form, builds another body, each mirroring the other, reflecting the gesture and the intention, the work of art being the object that is formed, layer upon layer, but also the gesture”.

In this context, the artist aims to present the repetition of the gesture as the creative force with a deep, emotional basis.

Dripping will happen on February 8th, 10th, and 11th, at 9pm, 6pm, and 5pm, respectively, at A Montanha.

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