Range me Over

“When it comes to Pedro, I’ve been watching him for a while now. I would see the photographs he would share, always with the desire to invite him to do bigger and better. Today, he joins the family with Range me Over, I see potential, I see magic and I see excitement. CABEÇA is still looking for young people like this. Because in the middle of the lost ones and the less concentrated, there’s always space to find gems like this, talented ones. More from him soon.”

Photography by Pedro Batalha

Modelling by Sara Raquel & Joana Silva

CABEÇA is a collective art project with the purpose to emancipate and give voice to young talent. CABEÇA can be seen as a Magazine (physical/digital), Instagram, Tumblr, such as other platforms. As a team what we want is to give new value + attention to the new generation of artists out there. Any young artist is important because they represent the future for art and we want to give them a voice.

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