“Nudez – uma Invariante”, by Pedro Morais

Pedro Morais is one of the most relevant Portuguese contemporary artists with a last during career. The artist is now opening his new exhibition at Pavilhão Branco of Galerias Municipais, with both original and old works, now adapted into this space.

Nudez – uma Invariante [Nudity – an Invariant], curated by Óscar Faria, is a show that exhibits, in the two floors of the pavilion, pieces which have in common the exploration of the pictorial space as a place of perceptions and mental, real and temporal experiences. But the space of installation and assembling is also of the most importance in the artist body of work, which demands an activation by the wandering spectator, who, by this way of thought, engages in a phenomenology of space, or as Merleau-Ponty would put it, in a phenomenology of perception.

The title is borrowed from the oriental teachings of Hogen Yamahata, the Zen master who wrote one of the most cherished texts of this philosophy – the Heart Sutra. In this context, between the oriental and western culture, between works from the past and originals, this is an exhibition, as the curator argues, that is “almost a pocket retrospective, (…) to be brought home, taking with us this heart, here and now, once more, naked.”

Until 1 April, at Pavilhão Branco, in the Museu de Lisboa [Museum of Lisbon].

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