Rebuild, by Pedro Sousa Loureiro

Pedro Sousa Loureiro, aka Pato Bravo, opens on February 1st the exhibition Rebuild, at Galeria FOCO, in Lisbon.

The artist shows a collection of drawings, collages and portraits whose access to the identities of the portrayed figures needs to be rebuilt through an introspective and relational exercise. The works are meant to investigate how we perceive the thin, sinuous lines of the drawings – which come together to form an eyeless face –, the deconstructed faces on collages, and the videos in which faces are fabricated representations.

All in all, there’s an insistency in how everything is composed in our minds, as a meta-assemblage, between what is given to us by the artist, what is brought by us and what is given by both, halfway, in the gallery space, from the body in front of the artwork. As Fernando Pinto do Amaral writes about the show, these works unfold “in three different perspectives – that of Pedro Sousa Loureiro, that of each one of us as conscious beings, and that of an unidentified zone, a third zone or threshold-zone, in which these drawings are no longer his nor ours, but from an undisclosed part of ourselves, waiting to be revealed”.

This is a collection that results from several artistic residencies in London, Bernay-en-Ponthieu, Brussels and from the work made with Pato Bravo at Caves Liceu Camões, in Lisbon, in a time span of two years.

The exhibition may be seen until February 23rd, at Galeria FOCO, Lisbon.

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