Congratulations Lux Frágil

20 years is almost my whole life.

And I stepped into Lux for the first time ever seven years ago. And, of course, one can never forget the first one.

Particularly in this situation, and in this house, because I never expected that my life would change in so many ways, just because I made the decision to go there.

I’m not just talking about my nightlife. I’m talking about the values and the forms of love that Lux instil in us without being aware of it, I’m talking about the ears that it enhances and that pure magic, the good taste, the never-ending array of faces, the good company and the endless nights, the mornings in August, the passion that is now gone and the remaining heartbreak…

And, if we talk about Lux as an entity, we must recall its light, which has no parallel. The one inside and the one outside, because that is how it shines and sprouts, under an oblivion-like freedom, the one that lets the day step into the night.

And there is always the dazzle. The beat. The movement.

The truth is that Lux is not just yet another club. For me, and for hundreds of people, it’s my place.

And, amid the countless reasons that turn any place into ours, comfort comes first. I expose those who say that they don’t feel comfortable behind the speakers, sitting on the balcony or swinging on the floor. It’s a comfort that benefits the body, the one with warmness on the horizon.

Lux’s comfort is when we have our mouth shut.

Close or scattered in any of its floors. Or embraced.

Because we always meet each other at Lux, and always as if it was like the old times.

“I was here the whole time” because even the walls have words.

“We cannot escape from each other”, because even meetings are scheduled in the counters.

“May a dream make love to you”, because it wasn’t me, love, it’s you.

How many times have we frailly arrived and left unstoppably?

How many mornings and promises of tomorrows?

How many times have you wished for it to never stop? And what about those when he ran away? Because the world was about to crumble, and not even the power nor the robustness could be erected with cranes.

Not even with your words.

How many times have we wanted to be the characters of the theme nights?

How many times did we go to Lux to be at the movie theatre?

And how many nights tasted like a poem?

There are 20 years, and we have still so much to live.

Congratulations, Lux. For continuing to make us dream when dusk arrives.

She’s 24 but believes that childhood lasts a lifetime. Maybe that's why she dreams of Spielberg movies and is passionate about picture books and cartoons. Born in Sines, she lives in Lisbon but has a tropical heart that takes her constantly to the other side of the Atlantic and Latin culture. She works as a copywriter in advertising and devotes herself to writing in her spare time – and that's where she loses herself, to find herself.

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