Photography by LisboetaItaliano aka André Andrade
Production/Styling by Martim Alvarez
Clothing by Carla Campos
Polaroids by Pedro Cadilhe
Modeling by Pedro Batalha

“Motivated by the underground spirit, this shoot expressed a different look regarding the time of the day – documenting a night out where going out isn’t even necessary.

The almost claustrophobic shots remote for what the nocturnal life feels and looks like – resulting on the liberation of the individual. My goal was to create a real and relaxed project.”

CABEÇA is a collective art project with the purpose to emancipate and give voice to young talent. CABEÇA can be seen as a Magazine (physical/digital), Instagram, Tumblr, such as other platforms. As a team what we want is to give new value + attention to the new generation of artists out there. Any young artist is important because they represent the future for art and we want to give them a voice.

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