I talk about Architecture from Portugal to you – Open Call

Umbigo online invites you to show your architecture project to the whole world. From a personal standpoint, without the lenses of a curator or a critic, how would you like to make your work known?

The Architecture section of our magazine wants to give voice to this brand new generation of architects, which, thankfully, has been increasingly plural in its discourses on architecture. Even if often the debate on what constitutes the acts of this discipline fails to appear in tune with the current time and the diversity of work conducted by architects in society, our intention is to achieve that. We know that talking about an architect’s work is something that can be based on feasible or unfeasible projects, sourced in drawings, words or images, building, curatorship, research, concrete or speculative projects, transversal to several areas or with a more hermetic trait.

Our magazine has always been a place where works of a new generation of artists are promoted and it wants to do the same in the field of architecture. Biweekly, we will choose a work sent by its author and promote it.

Send us your work in formats that can be text (up to 3000 characters), images, video links or a mishmash of all these.

From Portugal to You is the magazine’s motto and architecture has always been a top flagship of our country.

You talk!

(If you’re an architect and Portuguese, up to 45 years of age, sends us the work you want to promote to:

Fabrícia Valente holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Évora (pre-Bologna) and has training in complementary areas such as video, photography and the production of temporary exhibitions. She is an active curator (eg KAIROS Pavilion), Critic (she is the editor of the online section of Architecture of the Umbigo Magazine and is part of the J–A editorial team) and works in Cultural Mediation (Museu Colecção Berardo and MAAT) on more than 90 exhibitions. She collaborates with several entities in the search for multidisciplinarity between Architecture, Plastic Arts and Music, areas where she develops research works.

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