Avenida Liberdade, by Tatiana Macedo

The installation Avenida Liberdade [Liberty Avenue] by Tatiana Macedo is currently being shown at Museu do Aljube, until the end of December.

The artist takes part of the name of this avenue, a main artery of the city of Lisbon, and establishes a discourse around concepts deeply rooted in the mission of this museological space: freedom, liberation, resistance and oppression. At the same time, it draws a portrait of the contemporary and present Portugal, exposing a series of images of a massive protest against the violence of austerity imposed during the years of the Troika administration, and other images from the beginning of this millennium.

This installation underlines a thorough political statement that is artist has pursued in her career. In the seminal work 1989 – with which she won the Soane Media Art Award – this was an already noted tendency of exploring the ambiguities and complexities of contemporary politics. We say Politics not in the professional sense of the word, but in its broader primeval way: politics as a daily practice done by the common citizen who observes and questions.

In this context, Avenida Liberdade is also an essay about the possibilities of freedom and present politics, its limitations and consequent human repercussions – of life lived at the gaps of broken policies.

Don’t miss it, at Museu do Aljube, until 29 December 2017.

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