The trip started in the south of France, in Marseille. I first decided to head towards the Alps, but before that I was in Valence, a city in the middle of the country, known for its nuclear power plants. It was the first and only time that I saw one in front one. I had never witnessed such thing and I must admit that the feeling is a little bit odd. We think about the reason why it exists: if there is one in France, in a major city, surely we have this in all corners of the world, without being shown to us.

Until that point, those 300 kilometres made by train were quite intense. It was hot. After all, it was July.

After that, the mountain trail was done by car. The colours were vivid and real.

Later, when arriving at Sauzet, a tiny and quite mystical medieval village, surrounded by lavender fields, I experienced a magic moment. During the trip, with the windows open, I could feel the fresh odour and the landscape was breathtaking. I experienced that smell for countless days and I realized that one of my photographic dreams had been accomplished: to shoot and see for myself those lavender fields.

The photos are solely a transmission of olfaction and unique colours to the paper, in order to be able to provide to others the same feeling of plenitude and well-being that are found in that place.

I recommend that you visit it one day. Just the smell is worth it.

Abel is a 31 years old photojournalist. He studied graphic design and photography, developing a passion for the last one. Over the past three years he has visited several countries – Thailand, Laos, India, Morocco, Hungary, France, Spain, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia among others – where he went to shoot for his project entitled Love Hand Light Photography.

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