Uncertain times in video

All present agendas have their roots on more or less recent moments. All global convulsions that we’re facing today have their inception in past times. But the speed of global time has reached unproportioned acceleration that cannot be synchronized with a more personal time. In this context, the economic and financial crisis of 2008, which was yesterday in a historic sense, seems to be so far away now. The 9/11 too. The war in Syria, the refugee crisis? Time flows and politics hopes that it runs through present issues without fighting for any sort of solution. Temporal acceleration, triggered by the globalization, blind capitalism and technology, obliterated the intimate time of the self from the equation of absolute time.

The exhibition Tensão e Conflito – Arte em Vídeo após 2008 [Tension and Conflict – Video Art since 2008], at MAAT, tries to make a review from recent events through art, while pointing out some political, social, cultural and economic issues, but always from a personal, introspective point of view.

Tensão e Conflito – Arte em Vídeo após 2008 may be seen until 19 March of 2018, at the Main Gallery of MAAT. Curated by Pedro Gadanho and Luísa Santos, the exhibition shows works from 22 global artists.

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