Materiais Diversos Festival

The ninth edition of the Materiais Diversos Festival will open its line-up at September 14, with Transações/Transformações [Transactions/Transformations] as the leitmotif. In this sense, the festival tries to explore the relationship and exchanges “between artists and public, stage and crowd”, while questioning the cultural territory in which it takes place. This why the decentralization is the core of the festival, sharing its activities in three different cities: Minde, Alcanena e Cartaxo.

As usual, the 2017 edition is dedicated to performative arts, with sixty Portuguese and international artists and from the line-up, we highlight the shows: NOVA CRIAÇÃO [NEW CREATION] (Filipe Pereira e Teresa Silva struggle with memory and recording), ANTROPOCENAS [ANTHROPONCENY] (Rita Natálio and João dos Santos Martins work the Anthropocene and the current situation, without forgetting the ancient mysticism) and FOLK-S (Alessandro Sciarroni proposes a revalidation of the folk dance as a surviving contemporary practice).

The public program should also be considered as important, with several activities for our national schools, with theme-oriented classes (theatre, dance, voice, etc.) and a cycle to discover urban dances. This program will be coordinated by the creators Rui Catalão e Emmanuelle Huynh and Marco da Silva Ferreira.

Don’t miss it! Materiais Diversos Festival, from 14 to 23 September, in Minde, Alcanena and Cartaxo, with GATILHO DA FELICIDADE [TRIGGER OF HAPPINESS], by Ana Borralho & João Galante, as the inaugural show.

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