Brunch Electronik – In The Park | 27 August

Last weekend Tapada da Ajuda received a huge crowd for the DJ artists Miss Kittin, OXIA, John-e and HNRQ. The photos and videos of the event confirm a day full of enjoyment, cheering crowds, lights and colors, the typical signature move of Brunch Electronik – In The Park, Lisboa.

Next 27 August a new line-up is inaugurated, with the same amount of pleasure. This Sunday it’s time for Nic Fanciulli, ANNA, Gonçalo and Vasco Valente to electrify and galvanize the crowd, without forgetting the side program, already mentioned in the previous article about this festival.

Nic Fanciulli is the headliner of the day and became celebrated by his presence in Ibiza, with a vast background on electronic music festivals, underground house and techno. Also in his repertoire one may find several albums, compilations and remixes, as well as a nomination for a Grammy with his work in music production and large positive reviews among the specialized critics. A remix of JaimieXX’s SeeSaw is his latest hit and a collaboration for a remix of the song Ascencion of the British band Gorillaz.

The Brazilian ANNA was distinguished for her original tech-house and electronic compositions. She quickly jumped into stardom and is usually played in BBC Radio1, with a notable mention from Carl Cox. Following Brazil, ANNA is now playing in most of Europeans festivals of electronic music, trying to conquer new publics and sounds.

Gonçalo and Vasco Valente are both Portuguese, but with different backgrounds in what concerns to music. Gonçalo is currently living in Madrid and has his own record label – Helena – while Vasco Valente shares his time between DJing and wine production.

The festival Brunch Electronik will host multiple days of fun until October 8, every Sundays and tickets from 9€ up. More information at

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