Festival Múltiplo

It was once a charcoal and a tavern. Quite close to the House Museum of Amália Rodrigues and, yet, the artistic expressions exhibited at the number 432 of Rua de São Bento are much more stimulating and insightful. Zaratan – Arte Contemporânea has been giving us exhibitions, performance cycles, the launch of publications and concerts that step outside the obvious. Until August 20 it presents, alongside Associação Terapêutica do Ruído, the Festival Múltiplo. A name that is as suggestive as it is revealing, where there will be room for countless DJs, music performances by dOISsEMIcIRCUITOSiNVERTIDOS, Farwarmth among others. There will be space and time for the presentation of the most recent issue of Leitmotiv, an exercise that questions the barriers between the written and the improvised music, for two new endeavours conducted by the visual artists Stéphane Blumer and Marta Alvim or the performance cycle Do Lumiar, curated by Bruno Humberto. For those who think that Lisbon is still worth it even in August and doesn’t confine itself to a Tuk Tuk tour around a disposable city.

August 17 – 20 | Zaratan Arte Contemporânea | Lisbon

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