Brunch Electronik – In The Park | Lisbon

The second edition of Brunch Electronik – In The Park returns to Lisbon to energize everyone and this time it will be hosted in the Tapada da Ajuda, which will feature the most unusual scenery for a festival. The stages will maintain the same configuration as those in Madrid, but new decorations, more space, shadows and refreshing sprinklers will be available.

The alignments are filled with national and international artists and DJs, from all the electronic music fields, who, from July 23 to October 8, every Sundays, will cheer all fans and families participating.

In fact, Brunch Electronik – In The Park doesn’t shy away from this familiar frame of mind and the Petit Brunch was conceived for all children, with several activities to entertain them, and a whole lot of food trucks and sellers that will step up the game of the festival. The ecology’s not forsaken and is another issue being taken care by the organizers, fighting for a reduction on garbage and pollution. A portable ashtray will be given for this purpose, so that ashes and the tips of the cigarettes may be carefully put there.

Until now, four days of music and color occurred, with a sold out day for Dave Clark, Maelstrom, Coroa Nova and ViL.

Next weekend, August 20, the stage will host the Republique of Kittin, with Miss Kittin and her electroclash and synthpop in her long repertoire, but also OXIA, John-e and HNRQ.

Miss Kittin is a French artist well known for her collaborations with The Hacker and Felix da Housecat, and a body of work of six albums and some other Eps and compilations. From the beginning of her career, 1982 and Frank Sinatra became her most cherished tracks, with pulsating flows of electronic sounds, galvanizing beats and minimal lyrics, with short, catchy verses. Calling From The Stars is her latest work, with the same sonic coherence typical of techno and electroclash, and 23 tracks in two discs (an undoubtedly long project) and almost two hours to release our body and set our mind free to the energy of sounds.

OXIA is also featured in the alignment with his celebrated French house and techno music, as well as some classics and remixes which skyrocketed him to a podium among other DJs and producers. He also made several collaborations, being the aforementioned Miss Kittin one of them.

Don’t miss it! Next Sunday, Miss Kittin, OXIA, John-e and HNRQ at the Brunch Electronik – In The Park, in Tapada da Ajuda, Lisbon, with tickets from €9.

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