Bons Sons ’17 – Shall we experience the village?

That week is now approaching when, even without phone balance, we arrive at Cem Soldos.

That’s the time of the year when the village turns itself into a music festival and we dance and turn with it.

Celebrating its 11th edition, four days of festival and eight stages filled with Portuguese music, Bons Sons [Good Sounds, in English] is still living up to its name.

This year, as tradition, we will have craft fairs, art exhibitions and countless activities, in addition to the music itself.

The line-up will have the very best of Portuguese Music. Rodrigo Leão, Capitão Fausto, José Cid (playing one the most exhilarating prog rock records of all time: 10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e Marte), the 25th year celebration of Mutantes S21 by Mão Morta, Orelha Negra and the best that is being conceived in Portugal.

Even the cobbles will dance.

Cem Soldos is waiting for you, August 11th-14th.

She’s 24 but believes that childhood lasts a lifetime. Maybe that's why she dreams of Spielberg movies and is passionate about picture books and cartoons. Born in Sines, she lives in Lisbon but has a tropical heart that takes her constantly to the other side of the Atlantic and Latin culture. She works as a copywriter in advertising and devotes herself to writing in her spare time – and that's where she loses herself, to find herself.

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