A love called Pink Millenial

This colour is not unusual for us. We have already witnessed it as part of the Fashion industry, interior decoration, on Instagram, Tumblr, in architecture or even in movies. Don’t you know its name? Pink Millenial, Tumblr Pink or Scandi Pink. There are several terms that come with it, but, truth be told, this colour, which ranges from a reddish beige to peach, will not be out of the plateau so soon.

When Pantone elected this colour for the year of 2017 (greenery), it was expected that last year’s colours would start to vanish and lose their trending status, however that did not happen. Rose Quartz (which, in the meantime, was named Millennial Pink) started to conquer more and more fans, who are part of Generation Y, as they regard this hue in a nostalgic way. It retrieves some of our childhood memories or the famous milkshakes.

But this colour is not just another fad. This shade of pink carries a revolution on its back. Gender fluidity. The genderless revolution which is not worried about labelling anything. Gone are the days – or at least we hope that’s the case – when pink was for girls and blue for boys. A study conducted by WGSN, a company with expertise on Fashion trends, reported a 40% increase in pink menswear among fast fashion brands. These brands, which find inspiration on major luxury brands like Dior, Gucci or Hermès, the ones that, in the recent Fashion Weeks, also introduced outfits with this colour. There are genderless collections scheduled to be presented, Zara, part of the Inditex group, was one of the first fast fashion brands with major global reach to take this initiative.

Pop culture also loves this colour tone. The 80s, 90s and the beginning of the 00s are examples of its success. In 1985 a restaurant made the decision to paint their walls and ceiling pink. Some outfits of the movies Clueless or The Grand Budapest Hotel, of Wes Anderson. Speaking about pink without mentioning the iconic film Mean Girls would be, at least, an ignominy. Here’s the sentence that even today gets replicated a bit all over the internet: “On Wednesday we wear pink”. These moments work as an inspiration source for what we can easily find on social media. Instagram is filled with photos with pink millennial backgrounds. The site of the daily British newspaper The Guardian published a list with the best photos that have this shade of pink under the spotlight.

We have gathered for this photo gallery a set of pictures which will make us love this colour even more.

Rui Matos, 21 years old. An eternal dreamer and lover of new technologies, communication and interpersonal relationships. Fashion, art, cinema and photography have always been his great love. He studied communication sciences and wants to be a journalist. In the summer of 2016 he trained in the online version of Vogue Portugal, which he considered to be the test of fire for the decision of his future. The test has been successfully overcome and there is no doubt of it: this is the way to go.

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