There’s a new Scandal in town

Jean-Paul Gualtier did it again, as in the song of Britney Spears. The French designer’s brand new fragrance was conceived for all those powerful women who are not afraid of taking risks. The perfumer Daphne Bugey, alongside Fabrice Pellegrin and Christophe Raynaud, has created this perfect fragrance capable of adapting itself to any moment of the day and night…

Scandal is the new perfume-driven adventure with the signature of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the designer who rattles everyone in sight. The intention of this perfume, as with any other scents of the French designer, is to cause an impact. Jean-Paul Gaultier talked to Umbigo, explaining that the choice of scents was a process that relied on three nées, having in Daphne Bugey the team leader, achieving an “intoxicating” outcome. The bottle’s design, conducted by Bloom Room, represents “the realm of the brand”. This time around we have decided to put the spotlight on the legs, an element that has always been absent in previous bottles, for 20 years. This is the moment to give them the stage!”, the French designer says, with his typical humorous trait. Scandal arrives in Portugal at the end of August, whilst it is already available in French, in three different versions: eau de parfum, 30,50 and 80ml, and also as a body lotion and shower gel. Vanessa Axente, a Hungarian model and one of the current muses of Jean-Paul Gaultier, embodies the campaign in a bold and defiant stance, since “life has to be lived without fears. I was never a low-profile man and I wouldn’t try to be that now. I like to work and to explore sensuality, without turning it into something vulgar. All projects which I’m part of have to spread my essence”, the designer says.

The brand Jean-Paul Gaultier (clothing, accessories, perfumery) has been an integral member, since the beginning of last year, of the Puig Group, keeping the creative outlines of the French designer. One of the strategies of the French group was to give a fresh breath to the stylist’s most charismatic and well-succeeded perfumes, Classique and Le Male, projects that make Gaultier get a few years younger whenever he talks about them, since these two perfumes keep reflecting the “excitement associated with new projects”, even if their history has two decades. “It’s always a moment of pure joy, since these fragrances are eternally associated with my roots. When I created them, 20 years ago, I searched for ideas and moments of my childhood, and for them I have an undeniable nostalgic fondness. Stir them again, giving them a new life, not because they are dead, but because I felt this was the moment of making them young again, all this represents an intimate trip to the past”, Jean-Paul Gaultier confesses. All his perfumes, as well as his accessories and clothing line, “intend to reach both men and women who enjoy pouring not-that-subtle perfumes on them, capable of underlining their attitude in life”:

Scandal extends this provocative concept of Jean-Paul Gaultier, exploring the Cypriot honey, having been outlined for all moments of the day and night, no matter what the season and the location may be. And, according to what Jean-Paul Gaultier suggests, they hope that “this fragrance is able to captivate Portuguese women who need a little bit of Scandal”.

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