The Biennial of Maia reaches its adulthood

The Biennial of Contemporary Art of Maia (now just Biennial of Maia) is reaching adulthood and brings with it a proposal focused on “Art in Connection”. The city turns itself into a connection platform between several realities, several contexts.

The guidelines which steered the curatorial choices relied on this concern with actuality and with an ephemeral contemporaneity, all aiming to reflect upon this time of modernity that has been liquefying itself, as properly conveyed by Zygmunt Bauman.

This year, the show comprises more than fifty national and international artists, under a curatorship that unfurls itself into several branches, such as architecture, visual arts, performative arts, design and the community.
The program proposes a series of exhibitions, interventions, performances and music shows, not to mention the educational component, particularly the Talkie Walkie, conversations held in guided tours throughout Maia, aiming to understand the territory through the light shed by architects such as Conceição Melo and Álvaro Domingues.

The Biennial of Maia ends on September 30th and the program may be checked here.

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