Poor Billionaires

Rich and poor are only aware of each other’s lives by the distorted prism of novels and social media. A miner will never sleep in a hotel, handwork for a playboy boils down to holding a racket, and the greatest task of the wealthy housewives is to avoid all tasks.

In addition to being a social critique, the series suggests an exercise in empathy: to spend a day at the extremes of society to dilute prejudices and misunderstandings, to feel the fear of one another (the only thing besides football that unites these classes), a fertile neurosis to the visual drama the photographer is exploring.

All the scenarios constructed and rehearsals took place in the studio of the collective Kolor, in Rio de Janeiro. The models and actors who collaborated in the production belong to the same humanistic microcosm and had a great influence in the conception of the characters and the scenes. Another key ingredient was the distinct use of the photographer’s glam-trash aesthetic.

Photographer and Art Director: Pol Kurucz
Scenography: Mary Cruz, Lara Ferro
Casting e Styling: Tamires Melo, Carolyna Mello
Beauty: Andressa Pontes
Coordination: Tamires Melo
Technical Assistance and Lighting: Gui Griebler, Lucas Stirling

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