Jncquoi: a brand new concept in Lisbon.

If Lisbon has been getting closer and closer to the major European centres, such as Paris, Milan or London, Jncquoi (which should be read: je ne sais quoi) proves exactly that. This new concept, launched by the Amorim Luxury Group, is located in the heart of the Portuguese capital, at the iconic building of the Tivoli cine-theatre (between the numbers 182 and 188). Jncquoi has, as its first mission, the aim to craft unique experiences of social pleasure which are capable of promoting the exploration of lifestyle, fashion and cuisine.

Its three floors are enwrapped in the imposing architecture outlined by the Catalan architect Lázaro Rosa-Violán, accountable for works such as the restaurant-café Les Chouettes, in Paris. From this daunting ornamentation, we emphasise the Velociraptor or the building’s historical heritage, something that includes the almost centenarian frescos of its dining room.

At the entrance of number 182, we find two corners and a bar counter (with seating for 42 people). Deliber Jncquoi, the bar counter, happens to be surrounded by a wine cellar and a gourmet grocery store, comprising a selection of the best national and international products. The informal trait of this first space invites us to have a lighter meal accompanied by an extensive drink and cocktail list. In this floor, one can also find two corners with international brands: one hold by Assouline Publishing, in which it is possible to appreciate and purchase the best books of art, fashion, architecture, design or photography, an absolute culture temptation; the other belongs to the renowned Parisian patisserie Ladurée, which, by the way, is the first counter of the brand in Portugal, this is where the French patisserie fulfils the wishes of those who have a sweet tooth, with its famous macarons, among other specialties.

The Restaurant Jncquoi has room for 90 seats and has a privileged view over Avenida de Liberdade. The kitchen is open at the centre and the menu is signed by Chef António Bóia, who provides us with Portuguese and international classics, with a sophistication filled with a je ne sais quoi that will certainly get us hooked right after the first taste.

A sin would be to finish this tour without contemplating Fashion Clinic – Men, which is now inhabiting a new address. This modern and tidy space has, in its portfolio, major luxury brands such as Gucci, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Dior or Christian Louboutin. But if one is looking for something even more exclusive, there’s the private label of Fashion Clinic, TIMELESS, which provides a tailoring service for the most demanding men, including the possibility of creating a blazer or even a complete tailored suit, based on the different preferences of each customer.

The famous “we always have Paris” has its meaning reinforced with the inauguration of this space, resembling the famous French concept store Collete. To make things clearer, this effort of the Amorim Luxury Group is similar to a funfair made of major lifestyle brands or, as put by themselves: “the enfant terrible of lifestyle brands”. We, over here, gladly and happily say that there’s now a bit of Paris in Lisbon. Oh la la.

Rui Matos, 21 years old. An eternal dreamer and lover of new technologies, communication and interpersonal relationships. Fashion, art, cinema and photography have always been his great love. He studied communication sciences and wants to be a journalist. In the summer of 2016 he trained in the online version of Vogue Portugal, which he considered to be the test of fire for the decision of his future. The test has been successfully overcome and there is no doubt of it: this is the way to go.

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