Diorama by Tomaz Hipólito

This is the last week to see Tomaz Hipólito’s exhibition 2017 diorama_01 that occupies several spaces of the National Museum of Natural History and Science with performance, video, photography, drawing and installation.

The artist’s body emerges as a primordial medium for the gesture mapping and space experimentation in order to create a new territory, situated between the subjectivity and the experience that results from a body-space-object relation. The experiences that result from the artistic gesture catalyzes the visitor to participate and to go through the museum.

Tomorrow, June 28 at 7h30pm based on Tomaz Hipólito exhibited works and performance that took place on the opening day with more than 80 people, Tomaz Hipólito, Nuno Crespo and Sofia Marçal discusses the artist’s work processes and his close relationship with architecture, in a guided tour throughout the exhibition.

On this day it will also be released a new project from Tomaz Hipólito, the Performance Guide #GestureMap, an artistic project of Tomaz Hipólito that can take place in a pre-defined space. The performance addresses the relation between body and space, defining a path that can be replicated and even recreated by the visitor. A set of instructions is provided in order to complete the performance defined for that space.

On the last day, July 2, the Guided Tour will be repeated at 6:00 p.m followed by a finissage at the museum cloister garden.

Entrance through Avenida das Palmeiras (Rua da Escola Politécnica nº58)

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