Mãos Negativas, Gruta and Achados

An exhibition trilogy that questions yet another trilogy: Art, Audience and GalleryMarguerite Dura’s poem Negative Hands entitles the collective exhibition of Hugo Canoilas, Vasco Costa and Filipe Feijão, at Galeria Quadrado Azul, in Alvalade, Lisbon. This exhibition intends to introduce the collective artistic project dubbed...

An exhibition trilogy that que...

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15 Years of MADEIRADiG

The True Meaning of Luxury At Estalagem da Ponta do Sol, Valeriu Borcos, from the band Karpov not Kasparov, is playing the piano; the laidback audience listens to and cherishes the experience. Outside, musicians and the crowd laxly look at the sunset.When we get there, people stroll around the hotel, including the usual...

The True Meaning of Luxury At...

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