After JustLX 2018

JustLX 2018 has ended and it is time now for an audit, even if prematurely. Either way, and according to the organization, the art fair had a positive outcome, with the galleries declaring a “pleasant” number of sales.

At the extreme side of ARCOlisboa, this was a fair with an uncompromising ambience, displayed in an unusual space, with a series of side events which signal a relaxed dynamic.

Umbigo highlights the I Prize for Emerging Art by Fundação bcp, given to the Spanish artist Estefanía Martín Sáenz, represented by the Galeria Gema Llamazares. The juries (Alexandra Fierro, Sandro Resende and Daniel Silvo) underline “the way the artist works the plastic material, the fabrics and the delicate use of drawing and glaze, as well as the theme tied to nature and the Human relationships and how he deals with the environment – the central theme of JustLX”. Thus, the piece Mala Hierba will now be included in the highly valued collection of this foundation, with an incredible number of artists.

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