Exhibition “chão de orações”, by Daniel Vasconcelos Melim

The Association Porta33 inaugurates the exhibition chão de orações [pavement of prayers] by the artist Daniel Vasconcelos Melim, in a partnership with Mudas Museum.

The artist explores the spiritual relationship between art and life. The holism mentioned in the curatorial text alludes to that same totality, that same notion that life is a radical, immersive state with the world. In fact, the book of prayers and images conceived by him, shown at the exhibition, is the validation that the creativity is a spiritual action which transports us to unreachable places, only inhabited by affection, deliverance and imagination.

Moreover, Daniel proposes a series of “handmade images” and “individual sessions I which the author produces images so that people may approach some personal challenge” – again, the crossing between art and life, image and stimulus, intimate and public.

chão de orações will open in 12 August, in Porta33, Madeira Island, followed by a talk by the artistic director of CIAJG, in Guimarães, Nuno Faria. Individual sessions and workshops with the artist will be available in 14, 15 and 16 August. More information at

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