Sephora’s Summer Launch

Sephora stores are already providing us the chance to have a look at all the news of the brand’s 2017 Spring/Summer collection and also of those other brands that are commercially represented by it, which have been increasing in number and qualities, for instance niche brands like Nars, which has been operating for more than 20 years now and that has professional products targeting the general audience, despite being a niche brand – one that, until being introduced by Sephora in some of its stores this year, couldn’t be purchased in Portugal in any way but online.

In addition to having a product line in collaboration with Charlotte Gainsbourg, which includes lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter and the Kohl pencil, it also has primers, lipsticks and other products, which we can purchase exclusively from Sephora, particularly the famous Orgasm line, one that started with a blush in 1999, prompting such a raucous that the brand decided to create a liquid version as well, the Orgasm Liquid Blush and the Limited Edition Orgasm Lipstick.

Marc Jacobs keeps innovating and is now betting its chips on a unique ingredient, the coconut, with the Coconut Collection. The different products: Drew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter, O!Mega Bronze Bronzing Powder, The Bronze Brush and the (Re) Cover Coconut Setting Mist have different kinds of coconut, water, milk, fragrance and compounds like polysaccharides. Coconut is a fruit with countless health benefits, whether it is taken orally or when used in cosmetics or in medicine. In addition to its immense hydration power, especially in oil form, it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Besides these advantages, and the recurring quality of the brand’s makeup products, the Coconut Collection line also has wonderful packages and, of course, a unique odour.

Benefit, a brand that targets a younger audience, but is nonetheless demanding as to the quality of its products, is launching a lipstick with applicator, the Double The Lip, which is able to fill the lips at one go, the CustomShadow Blender which is a palette with two eyeshadows and a foam applicator, and also the Galifornia Blush, joining the already impressive collection of blushes of Benefit, a light pink blush with golden pigments that provides an illuminating and slightly iridescent effect.

From Sephora itself, we have appealing news, such as the Mixology eyeshadow palette, one that comprises a total of 18 colours, arranged in different sets. It ranges from neutral, light and darker tonalities, to the most intense (always abiding by a logic of daily usability), matte and shining tones. The pigments are always quite reasonable, both the mattes and the shining options. It’s a pallet with a good price-quality ratio.

The Outrageous Curls Waterproof mask has a rubber applicator, which makes it easier to use and also more hygienic. More than the volume itself, it’s a good mask to curl and lengthen the eyelashes.

Cosmetic-wise, there are also important launches. StriVectin has a new anti-aging serum, the Youth Infusion Acti-Serum, featuring the patented formula NIA-114 with iridescent spheres. NIA-114 is a nicotinic acid, a form of niacin, also known as vitamin B3 or vitamin PP. It’s a water-soluble molecule, one that usually struggles to penetrate the skin barrier, but, in this formula developed by the scientists of StriVectin, penetrates the deepest layers where the cell regeneration takes place. In addition to NIA-114, this serum also has antioxidants, collagen and tri-peptides, every element that we need to keep the skin’s elasticity and fight free radicals which contribute to skin ageing.

From Sephora, the Nourishing Mousse Body Oil is highly moisturising and easy to use. Despite being an oil, its texture is a pleasant mousse that penetrates the skin rather well and makes it smoother without showing any stickiness.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important news coming from Sephora in terms of cosmetics, is the exclusive distribution of the British brand This Works. One that combines quality and an affordable price. For the experts behind this brand, sleeping is the most important step to achieve a good-looking and healthy skin. For this purpose, the brand has launched the Deep Sleep line, whose Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is now considered a flagship product to fight insomnia. From the same product range, the brand is now launching the Deep Sleep Stress roll-on. The first is intended to be sprayed on the pillow, the second is to be applied on the wrists in order to inhale the scent of eucalyptus, chamomile and vetiver. If these wonderful launches, already available exclusively at Sephora stores, don’t let us have some shuteye, we can always rely on these two products by This Works, which will help us to relax and wait for the stores to open.

Penélope is a make up and skincare lover. She completed a professional make up course with Make Up For Ever Make Up School as well as an advanced workshop in Brides Make Up. She writes about make up and skincare for Umbigo Magazine in Crónicas de Penélope and in her spare times she volunteers doing facial painting in children in Hospitals.

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